Thematic webinars

Online courses on a wide range of topics. Gain some knowledge without leaving your home!
Aggressive dog therapy
Learn how to work effectively and efficiently with dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviour

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Dog treat bag

Wake up to your inner training beast!

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Courses for dog trainers and behaviourists

Courses and further training workshops for people who already work with dogs or who would like to do so in the future

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Zosia & Piotr

Piotr is a dog trainer, behaviourist and passionate long-time practitioner of dog communication. He educates dog owners, future dog trainers, and behaviourists. Zosia is an experienced dog trainer, behaviourist, and a certified Fear Free Animal trainer. She is an active seeker of valuable and most recent scientific knowledge in the field of dog emotions, dog training and behavioural work in general.

Zosia and Piotr’s paths have merged, both privately and professionally. Since 2017, together, they have been organising seminars for future dog trainers and behaviourists under the name of Wojtków Szkolenia. They also run a dog school called Psiedszkole [Canine Kindergarten], which is very popular with dog owners. Their experience includes training thousands of dogs that have been under their personal guidance, whether it be general training, working on behavioural problems, socialisation or sporting activities.

But the Wojtków Szkolenia team isn’t limited to Zosia and Piotr. It also includes other people, each of whom contributes to the functioning of the school in their unique way. That’s what makes our school so special 🙂

Why us:

  • Our courses are aimed both at people who work with dogs as well as dog owners who would like to expand their knowledge
  • Lectures are given by qualified practitioners with many years of experience
  • We offer various forms of education – the courses take place both locally and online
  • We focus on a lot of practical activities and the analysis of real cases
  • The courses are available on an interactive e-learning platform
    After the course is completed, we send you a certificate of completion
  • Materials to download


31 March 2021
Communicating with a dog – most important signals in comunication
Mastering dog communication is essential if you own a dog. It becomes even more so if you are a dog trainer or behaviourist. It can help you solve many of…
Dog behaviour
16 February 2021
How to deal with an aggressive dog?
First of all, I want to point out that there is no single and ultimate solution to a dog’s aggression problems. There are so many factors that should be taken…
Dog behaviour Z psem na codzień

Dog School from the Backstage

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