1. Basic information

Recording | 120 minutes

The webinar deals with the details of a dog behaviourist’s work with dogs that behave in a reactive manner, i.e. their reaction is excessive in response to the trigger. For example, they get overstimulated, react impulsively and/or quickly resort to aggressive strategies. During the webinar, we discuss various cases from our practice and share our experience with you. We show videos of dogs with reactivity problems and present methods of addressing them.

Each webinar concludes with a discussion panel where we answer the questions asked by participants of the live event.

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2. For whom?

The webinar is mainly aimed at people who are interested in the details of a behaviourist’s work with dogs exhibiting reactive behaviour. We welcome both behaviourists, trainers, volunteers, animal shelter staff, vets, veterinary technicians and others interested in this subject.

During the webinar, we discuss various cases from our practice and share our experience with you. But remember that in such form, we cannot solve the problems you experience with your dogs. For that, it’s necessary to directly work with the dog and provide it with individual behaviourist care.

3. Course leader

Piotr Wojtków
behaviourist, dog training teacher, who has worked with thousands of dogs with problems related to aggression, reactivity, fearfulness, lecturer, organiser of professional courses for dog trainers and behaviourists.

4. Feedback from the course participants

„I have already attended three courses, and I am amazed by the eloquence and smooth delivery of the lectures, huge props for backing up the theory with real-life examples shown in the videos. Should you make a video about the dog-child relationship, I’ll be the first to watch it ? because I think it’s an insanely important topic that a lot of people don’t deal with in practice. Thank you, and all the best to the four of you! ?‍?‍?? ‍‍“


„Very cool format, interesting presentation – there was absolutely no reading from the slides. ? The content was very comprehensive and right to the point!”


One of the best-led courses I’ve ever attended. I’ll definitely be coming back more than once :))) Thank you very much for the course! It was really awesome ?


Thank you, you have given me a lot to think about! ? 


The best webinar so far! Thank you for the wealth of knowledge. My pen almost caught fire from writing it all down ?


Reactive dog


By purchasing this webinar, you get access to the recording of the event that took place on October 25, 2020.




120 mins

Difficulty level:

For everyone




At any time

Access time:

12 months